From the time of take-off I felt comfortable and at ease. However, as time passed I began to realize something larger than usual was upcoming. An odd fear/anxiety came over me briefly. I wasn't worried about my well-being nor did I feel I was in danger. No, the feeling was much more comparable to the anxiety felt when you're about to meet someone you're not sure you're prepared to meet. Like the invisible all-powerful CEO of a mega-million dollar multi-national corporation who has specifically requested to see you for some unknown reason. You're not sure why. Is your portfolio ready, has your desk been straightened, appearance tidy? This could be your big break and all the fine details of what you may or may not have done to make a good impression begin to cross your mind during those last two steps before the door. And there's no going back because there's no exit out of the waiting room. Thoughts,'s all in the thought. Onward ho.
This trip was taking much longer than the others. I seemed to be on the "road" forever. I was moving faster and faster it seemed and I thought I knew what was coming. Just like the introduction to St. Germain, I thought I'd break through an electromagnetic layer and be back in his presence. Not quite, but very similar. There was the break in atmospheres, I passed by St. Germain briefly, in fact, it almost looked as if I passed right through him. I did land in the presence of someone, but it wasn't St. Germain. The next thing I knew there was a tornado of gold energy all around. It was overwhelming and for that brief moment I had absolutely no thoughts at all. It was as if this energy had so impacted me that everything was blank. That didn't last long though. Within micro-seconds I was asking who/what this gold tornado was. The question seemed positively naive on my part for I knew what this was. The immediate answer, even before my question had finished forming, was "I AM CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS!" He was very firm and, unlike seeing him as the diffuse crimson-gold light, that quality of heaviness was absent. That's not to say I felt no impact whatsoever, on the contrary, the impact was profound. However, I'm not sure words exist to describe what the impact was. Big. Real Big.
I believe he said a few things about what was occurring but that has since escaped me. All the activity seemed to take place around my "head." I wasn't there for long and I don't remember him saying too much else. Then I was off. Much as if I'd been sent out to play by myself. I was back in the tube speeding off into oblivion. I wasn't sure what was next. Usually after the main attraction, I'm sent back down. That anxiety of not knowing came back. There was a certain level of insecurity, of not knowing what to do. I remember asking, "St. Germain! Hold my hand!" He appeared instantly as violet balls of light reassuring me all was as it should be. Away I went. I noticed the gold tube occassionally had a few bands of white. I wonder if those were stop points. Like the floors in an elevator. Not much scenery, I noticed. I caught a couple of shapes---a gold box sort of crushed in on all four sides and a deep violet ring in the midst of gold. On an on I traveled until I actually started getting bored. Was I supposed to find my way around? Locate certain doorways? I did seem to have a lot more control over the time I spent there. I could have gone on indefinitely. Re-entered and landed in a dream.
Getting out of bed I reached for a tissue to blow my nose. My nose was bleeding! Not heavily though, and I probably wouldn't have noticed until I blew my nose. I have never had a bloody nose in my entire life. However, there in the tissues was deep, dark red blood. My nose cleaned out in four or five tissues but some occasional post-nasal drip still came out bloody. There's been nothing since yesterday morning. I like the experience to that of being at high altitudes, nothing more. I didn't feel drained after this trip. Actually, I felt quite energetic, not to mention invincible.