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Jungian Active Imagination & Hypnagogia

"the royal road to the unconscious"
-C.G. Jung

About Carl Jung


For a variety of information on Jung's life, writings, and the thoughts of others on Jung, see any of these sites:

In addition to these sources of information, here is, in a nut shell, Jung's major concerns. In simple terms, Jung sought to:

  • Encourage us to stop always looking outward and to spend a portion of our daily lives looking inward.
  • Help us to realize that our inner experiences are "real".
  • Help us realize that our psyche is very broad and deep.
  • Help us to open ourselves to the unknown and mysterious inner world.
  • Help us realize our complexity (e.g. to see our many sides).
  • Help us appreciate myth and symbol since they tend to move us closer to our inner world.
  • Help us realize that the psyche is an autonomous force in our lives, capable of leading us mentally and physically.
  • Help us to find a solid, seemingly incorruptiable center which organizes the psyche (the Self).