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Mystical Experiences of Paul Brunton
(1898 - 1981)

Paul Brunton wrote many books focusing on spiritual wisdom from Eastern and Western sources. Here, in his son's account, is Brunton's description of an illumination that came upon him after years of study:
"Suddenly, I realized that this was a crushing of the self by an unknown power beyond myself. It was then that I began frevently to pray, feeling forlorn, humbled, terrified and lost. I lost the feeling of the passage of time. I felt severed from earthly reality and became dizzy at the thought that I had reached the end of my endurance. Then I swooned. The moments just before I fainted were filled with indescribable horror. But I soon awoke. A tiny flame of hope appeared in my heart. And then it grew and grew. My first thought was that God was answering my prayers. I began gradually to feel close to the people around me once more; closer than ever before. Some hours later reassurance gradually returned to me and I felt mature and newly born. Enlightenment seemed to come.
Next a feeling of oneness with God followed. I seemed to know and understand much that I had never understood before. My ego was going and my happiness increased every moment. I felt that this newfound faith would guide me through every possible situation...
The Divine Presence seemed to be very near. In fact, I knew that it was in my real essence. Whenever any difficulties or problems arose, I found that all I had to do to solve them was to say, "Not my will but Thy will be done."


Source: Paul Brunton, quoted in Kenneth Thurston Hurst, Paul Brunton: A Personal View (Burdett, NY: Larson Publications, 1989).

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