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Published Collections of Mystical Experiences

Ecstasy: A Way of Knowing - Andrew M. Greeley

Rev. Greeley directed a national survey in the early 1970s, obtaining responses from 1,467 persons.

 Descriptor of Experience


A feeling of deep and profound peace
A certainty that all things would work out for the good
Sense of my own need to contribute to others
A conviction that love is a the center of everything
Sense of joy and laughter
An experience of great emotional intensity
A great increase in my understanding and knowledge
A sense of the unity of everything and my own part in it
A sense of a new life or living in a new world
A confidence in my own personal survival
A feeling that I couldn't possibly describe what was happening to me
The sense that all the universe is alive
The sensation that my personality has been taken over by something much more powerful than I am
A sense of tremendous personal expansion, either psychological or physical
A sensaton of warmth or fire
A sense of being alone
A loss of concern about worldly problems
A sense that I was bathed in light
A feeling of desolation
Something else




 Listening to music
 Beauties of nature (i.e. a sunset)
 Moments of quiet reflection
 Attending church service
 Listening to a sermon
 Watching little children
 Reading the Bible
 Being alone in church
 Reading a poem or a novel
 Sexual lovemaking
 Your own creative work
 Looking at a painting
 Something else
 Physical exercise

 Duration of Experience


 A few minutes or less
 Ten or fifteen minutes
 Half an hour
 An hour
 Several hours
 A day or more
 No answer


Source: Greeley, Andrew M. Ecstasy: A Way of Knowing, (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1974), p. 139-142.



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