Scottish Clan & Seers - Continued -
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In the late summer and early fall of 1986, I had began
learning meditation (doing self-hypnosis) from a nice little
old lady in Arlington, Virginia. In a dream that I had many
months prior to when I began these studies, I had met an
entity that I referred to as my Special Teaching Guide. In
this dream I was helping some people move into or out of my
apartment house. As I stood there by myself, the elevator
door opened and I found myself gazing at a black man of about
sixty five years of age. He looked at me serenely, and I knew
instantly that he held in his spirit all the knowledge that
there was or ever had been! I sensed that he was indicating
to me that he could impart that knowledge to me also.
Later when I had been studying meditation only a short time, I
had entered a deep meditative state, and then I encountered
this gentlemen again. This time he wasn't dressed in modern
street clothes, but rather some sort of a robe. We were in
some sort of underground series of stone rooms, like
classrooms for the mysteries. He indicated that I should
follow him into one of these rooms, and I did so. There was
another "student" with his back to us drawing all sorts of
cryptic symbols and formulae up on some sort of a chalk
board. Then he drew a Delta or equilateral triangle. I asked
my guide what that stood for and he told me that, it is the
symbol for all things. I again asked if it was the only
symbol. This time he answered that no, it wasn't but there
are many symbols, and that was one of them. I felt at the
time that he is somehow similar to other some other entities
which might be thought of a some kind of archetype. I do
believe now know that he is a teacher for me in this lifetime,
just as much as he was once a very faithful teacher for me in
an ancient lifetime.
In the early 1990’s I met Melinda "online" while exploring
computer bulletin boards and we began to converse regularly.
Shortly after that, we began to meet in person, as she was
from nearby Lancaster, PA. We discovered we had both had
worked with and experienced meditation and self hypnosis. We
talked about hypnotic regressions and past lives. Melinda had
told me months earlier that when she had spent some time in
California (about 1990), when she had tried working a bit with
(past-life) "regression"; and "discovered" the possibility of
a recent time in the Victorian era. The friend with whom
she'd been practicing that early regression work had
discontinued it had gotten uncomfortable with it. She had
however, while in California, been able to verify that she had
seen a copy of a newspaper dated 1892 in her "envisioned
Since that time we've had a number of surprising, even
startling thoughts, dreams, and meditations. Even the results
themselves in the physical plane have sometimes been
I was on an extended audit business trip in East Orange, New
Jersey in October of 1991. Melinda was able to come up from
Pennsylvania, to stay in Morristown with me for a week, in the
hotel our audit team was lodged. It was there that we began
to meditate together and to explore the altered consciousness
that we’d both practiced in solitary before we’d met. And I
experienced real magic for the first time in my life.
It began one afternoon, when I'd put Melinda into an hypnotic
trance and regressed her back comfortably into some other
time. Indeed we were able to retrieve a Victorian person
almost immediately. She said her name was "Victoria". I was
later to estimate that she may have lived about 1864 to about
There was something very off, seemingly familiar that I
encountered in this session. It had an odd sort of
sameness about the location, time, and "feel" about it, and
about my place in it. I realized it was similar in feeling to
that "regression" workshop that I’d attended way back in
1978. I wondered if it wasn’t a component or related to the
Victorian businessman that I’d envisioned back then.
Afterward, when we both returned to ‘normal’ consciousness we
compared our images of both houses we had seen in our
meditation. I mentioned that large "manor" house was which I
felt I’d lived in once and that I’d envisioned in 1978. The
smaller cottage that she and I had spent time in together was
another one, that I'd purchased for her, and for us to have
our meetings. She did agree that the larger house that I
described was also the house that she'd visualized that I
resided in.
I had been a member of a certain class. In my situation in
that time, I was in a sort of hapless marriage. I had wedded
to help obtain that place in society, and it had cost me a
difficult conscience.
I envisioned a small cottage, but well constructed, laid out,
and furnished. And just as I had surmised, I was in a cold,
and distant marriage of convenience. My needs and my passions
forced me to maintain Victoria as my mistress. As much as I
shied away from her pagan beliefs. I had met Victoria
somehow, and she had been able to provide me with a kind of
gentle and caring happiness that I didn't find in my estate,
my routine life or my fine job or the society family ties. In
this dreamlike meditation, there seemed to be something that I
felt, some sort of lost or uncompleted emotion, as if I, being
the brusque businessman, couldn’t accommodate soft, gentle
emotions, or strange witchy and very suspect philosophical
There was a sense of urgency in Victoria's person, in her
demeanor toward me. The inner person of herself was
desperately wishing that the inner person of myself could
remember the destiny, the nearly forgotten goals that we'd had
at one ancient time. It was her urgency, her need to me in
that time to desire and to keep her as my other lady.
Psychically perhaps hoping I would remember my purpose of
being with her. Sadly, I did not remember it much in that
lifetime, being far too caught up in making my own personal
When Melinda and I were done with our meditations, and we
returned to our normal mundane consciousness, we would compare
thoughts and impressions of what we’d experienced in our
mutual trances. We invariably found that we had seen the same
sights, the same surrounding countryside, the cave or rock
cairn that we lived in, and the nearby "roads" and pathways.
At a certain point, you become aware that when French Magician
Eliphas Levi mentions that he witnessed a resuscitation from
the dead in his Paris apartment in the 1870’s, one begins to
actually believe that he may very likely have done so. When
one realizes that the nature of observable and inspired
matter, us, and everything we see is a complex of density and
whirling space. The potential of one of Regardie’s
experiments in becoming invisible begins to make sense. When
the consideration of some of these concepts shifts into a
believable conviction, the awareness itself is transformed
into the mystical experience.
Again a couple of days later in North Jersey, we had both
gotten into our own trance states. Without mentioning this
idea previously, I decided that I would try to visualize a
ball of (psychic) energy formed between Melinda's hand and
mine. I raised my right hand and held it above her left, and
imagined the formation of this ball of energy, sort of
energizing between the palms of our hands. When we finished
the session, she looked at her left hand. It had a small pink
blister just as if it had received a light burn!
One afternoon, we had both gotten into our own trance states.
Without mentioning this idea previously, I decided that I
would try to visualize a ball of (psychic) energy formed
between Melinda's hand and mine. I raised my right hand and
held it above her left, and imagined the formation of this
ball of energy, sort of energizing between the palms of our
hands. When we finished the session, she looked at her left
hand. It had a small pink blister just as if it had received
a light burn!
I was interested in finding out if Melinda had experienced a
more recent past life manifestation; something perhaps in the
present century. We tried to work with a time relative to her
grandmother Sarah's lifetime. I don't remember all the
details of the session, only that Melinda came out of her
altered state and 'returned' to the present with a rather
frightened jolt, seemingly shaken and rubbing her ankle. She
looked down and touched a spot on her ankle where a tiny scar
in the shape of an "X" or a plus sign showed. It was
obviously old and faded.
I asked her quickly if anything was wrong. She said that she
was suddenly aware at that very moment when shed been in
trance, that the mark had been put there on her skin by her
grandmother, when Melinda was only a couple of weeks old, and
just prior to her grandmother's death. Melinda had never been
aware of this secret before, and indeed her own mother had
told her she'd accidentally gotten cut there! Melinda also
suddenly "knew" that it had been placed there as an indication
that the "secrets" should never be forgotten.
Sara Forrester, her grandmother had been born in Ireland, and
yet had not really known the ancient secrets of the "old
religion". Melinda thinks that her grandmother Sara may have
been taught a few of them in her childhood by an old woman
prior to her emigration as a young girl to the US, perhaps
about the turn of the century. However when she had placed
the mark on the baby Melinda, Sara had been in
trance, and had not known exactly what she was doing.
Grandmother Sara died a few weeks after that. In trance at a
later time, Melinda said that it was in order that the
interest in the secrets of the old ways would be rekindled in
herself, Melinda so that they would not be lost.
I began to wonder if there weren't a couple of recent
associated lifetimes, there might not be others, yet further
back in time. We next encountered "Tori". I asked "Tori" if
that was her given name or did she have another.
Surprisingly, she told me that it was short for Victoria, yet
another name duplication. We would find several duplicate or
similar names appearing over the centuries. It seemed curious
that the name Victoria would surface again in an earlier era.
From her testimony in trance, I hazarded a guess about her
approximate lifetime, being circa 1575 to 1640. Tori was a
young lady of about fourteen, with a bit of the tom-boy in her
She was apparently the daughter of a physician of Scottish
ancestry by the name of Connell. He was in the employ of the
Queen, and somewhat of an associate, perhaps in scientific
"research" of Dr. John Dee, the Queen's astrologer, if not
also one of her "trusted advisors". Thus, by extension Dr.
Connell would have come in contact with the Irish magician
Edward Kelly as well. Young Tori evidently didn't like the
Queen, and disliked Dee even more.
Her father was to be sent as a medical researcher with an
ambassadorial mission to the Sultan of Istanbul, or the
Ottoman Empire. He was to inquire about medicinals and drugs
used by the Turks and Moslems in their healing practices.
According to Tori, Dr. Dee desired that her father, Dr.
Connell, also find out about Arab poisons!
Shortly after they set to sea, it was discovered that Tori had
stowed away on the ship that was to take her father to
Turkey. The ship itself never made it, being attacked and
boarded by pirates in the Eastern Mediterranean. Her father
along with most (all?) of the crew were killed. Tori herself
was taken ashore and eventually to the palace of a local
She became a secret favorite of this prince; a cousin of the
Sultan of Istanbul. Yet we discovered that he had an "Irish"
mother somehow! [Historical note: there had been a Turkish
naval admiral of that time period who was referred to as
Barbarossa ("redhead" in Italian).] Tori was not very well
liked by the rest of the women in the Harem, and managed to
keep to herself a bit. She had two children by this prince,
and elicited a promise from him that they could be educated in
England, which is how the 'lineage' was able to return to the
British Isles. Tori possessed a small pendant of iron in the
shape of a circle with a Celtic Cross inside it. She didn't
remember how she obtained it, but "knew" that it was very old,
even in that time.
I was curious about the corresponding time-frames. I asked
"Tori" if she knew of a Mr. Bacon who invited people to meet
with him secretly, perhaps even at his house, in a sort of
"shuttered" attic room. She got suddenly suspicious, and
asked me how I knew about that, that "nobody was supposed to
know that"! I told here it was all right, because I was one
of them, and proceeded to describe a couple of the secret
symbols that they (the Rosicrucians) would have used. She
then began to open up. Her father was one of this secret body
who met with Mr. Bacon, as was the poet Edmund Spenser, and
Robert Fludd. I asked about Shakespeare. "Tori" told me that
Shakespeare wasn't "one of them", but seemed to wish he could
be. He, Shakespeare, had the habit of hinting at some of the
(Rosicrucian) theories that the group held secret. I asked
Tori if this habit of Shakespeare's worried Mr. Bacon. She
replied that Bacon had wished that Shakespeare would refrain from
doing so, however Mr. Bacon had said that even if it were put
square in the public's face, they wouldn't believe it anyway!
So in that respect they were safe. She also shyly mentioned
that Mr. Bacon was pretty nice, and not all that much older
than she herself was.
I asked her if there was also a Mr. (Edmund) Spenser in this
secret group, and she admitted there was. She replied that he
"has strong and very piercing eyes". Very weird eyes, that
seem to 'see' right through her. He told her that her destiny
had already been determined!" A bit later I surmised that the
Faeirie Queene that Edmund Spenser was writing about was Fia,
and the nature of the ever returning fairie spirit! She just
smiled. At that point I knew that it must have.
We continued to find that similar names had strangely repeated
in cycles across the centuries.
Centuries past. Most of them lived in by folks we haven't
talked to yet, or who had lost some of the ability to
"remember". I tried to continue back in a smooth transition,
lifetime to lifetime after this.
However, I found that time isn’t as neat or perfectly
chronological in psychic realms (or the "time-space
continuum"), and memories began to sort of leap frog about.
There was another "Sara", perhaps about 1630 or so who was not
very well off. She seemed to have lived poorly in a small
house with little to eat. Then we discovered a Lissette,
perhaps about 1595-1660. Either Sara or Lissette may have
been Tori’s daughter. If Tori's daughter (Lissette?) gave
birth about age 25 (1620) that would have made the child about
the age of Melissa. Melissa, when we encountered her, during
the reign of William and Mary in the late 1680's, was a mature
woman of perhaps fifty. Not only was she an independent
woman, of money, and living in a comfortable house and
conditions. She had organized a women's spirituality
"circle". She referred to her power, secrets and magical,
ritual, welded/wedded to power given from the Moon. Melissa
mentioned that she possessed an iron amulet, which was a
circle with a four pointed cross inside it!
In our next series of subsequent sessions, what I refer to as
psychic time (or time-space continuum) began to sort of leap
frog about. In our next session, I did not obtain immediate
prior (to our sensibilities) chronological time.
I encountered a trance personality of perhaps a seventeen year
old girl. She was "waiting" for someone, a man, who was
"returning" from a long voyage across the sea. She'd heard
rumors among the people in nearby villages that there had been
a boy who'd lived in the area who'd gone off "across the sea a
long time ago". If this boy were to return someday, it was
reputed that he would likely be endowed with sundry strange
magical powers.
She was tense, anxious, and seemed prepared to present some
sort of an indignant front. The girl herself was well known
and respected, as well as slightly feared by the local people
in the village, as she was known to possess these same powers
of magic and healing. A returning stranger with powers
similar to hers might be a threat to her own "position" in the
community. As it eventually turned out, she had indeed
learned her magic and healing from my "mother". She had been
a foundling or orphan who'd been placed with "mother" to
comfort her with company after both her husband and her son
had left the household.
She finally did know that he'd returned, and admitted that it
took many days to accept him. She knew that he was "of the
tribe", as he had a mark of a crescent moon on his thigh.
When she first saw him, she tried hurling rocks at him, which
he deflected with magic. Finally after many days of
suspicion, she gradually began to warm to the newcomer (In
this life, I had gotten a crescent moon tattoo three years
before I had met Melinda!). The girl called herself Fia, and
we spent the remainder of our lives together, both dying at
rather advanced age for those times. Fia has always referred
to me by the name "Wizard".
Back in normal waking consciousness, I tried to estimate the
time and place. She would not or could not initially identify
a place as such by name, nor any sort of a date or time.
After several more sessions, I was able to make an estimation
based on her testimony, that there were circles of standing
stones nearby (many in Sussex and Cornwall, including
Stonehenge and Avebury). And that the Romans were about in a
kind of administrative military presence. I looked up the
ancient term for Cornwall, and discovered Brittanica says that
some Celts had referred to it as Pennwith. I surmised however
that it might have been pronounced "Pennith" by those Celtic
tribes. Fia corrected me that they called the area Penn-Ith,
just as Warwick would likely be pronounced "Warrick"
It occurred to me, from the little Gaelic (an oral language)
I'd learned that many words spelled out in English, were
pronounced properly in Gaelic with silent letters. Thus
Melinda had chosen McConnell as a pseudonym for bulletin board
communications. And Tori had been the daughter of a Scottish
physician named Connell. Some historians feel the Irish name
Connell associated with the Mabinogen saga segment about the
king Conn'all. And perhaps stretching the pronunciation code
out, it may have been a partial contraction of Cornwall to
Connell! As persons in ancient times were named for the place
of their origin, then the name of their father or their
father's tribe, I wondered if there weren't some sort of
psychic heraldry that could be working here.
I have made my best wild guesses as to the era of the
"lifetimes" of Fia and her Wizard. I hazard the guess that Fia
lived from perhaps about 282 to 347 ad by modern reckoning.
And Wizard in about 272 to 347. Wizard was about ten years
older than Fia, but they both died in the same year. I
perceived that they may have met each other in the first four
years or so of the fourth century (c. 301-304). Fia and
Wizard spent the remainder of their lives together, both dying
at rather advanced age for those times. I asked Fia if I had
a regular name by which I was called, other than her pet name
Wizard. Fia said that I knew what my name is "Affleck" but
could not seem to remember it.
After one of our early sessions, I had apparently drifted off
into a light sleep. After some time, Melinda awoke me
tensely, and calling Spenser excitedly. I had apparently been
speaking some gibberish absently in my sleep, which I can only
surmise might have been "Cornish". Cornish, once a branch of
British Celtic, a dead language. The last speaker, a Cornish
woman died about 1850.
When we were done with our meditations, and we returned to our
normal mundane consciousness, we would compare thoughts
impressions and visualizations. We invariably found that we
had seen the same sights! We could both "see" and describe to
each other our similar visions of the surrounding countryside,
the cave or rock cairn that we lived in, and the nearby
"roads" and pathways.
Once we met her again in these modern times, early in our
work together, it would take some energy for Melinda to let
Fia through. However, today she does live here with us, and
can very easily be with us simply at our request or whenever
she feels like "showing up". She has indeed become familiar
with some of the unusual habits of us modern folks. She
enjoys working with plants and herbs, buying ice cream bars
and lottery tickets at convenience stores. She learned to
like riding in cars and even driving occasionally, but an
airplane ride was uneasy at first. When I was on an audit in
Texas, she managed with Melinda’s help to learn how to type on
a computer keyboard!
A final note on Affleck. Early in Edward Rutherford’s
massive historic novel of the Salisbury plain, "Sarum", he
mentions a character viewing the distant arrival of Roman
ships to the south coast of Britain. The character is called
Affleck the Druid. I once wrote to Rutherford, via the
publisher, to try to find out why he’d used that name! But, I
never received a response.
Another regression shortly thereafter discovered the daughter
of Fia and Wizard. Fia told me that we had a daughter who we
named Fiona, which as it turns out is a fairly common
Scots-Irish name. Fia and Wizard taught Fiona all we knew
about magical ways and healing. And she grew to be a pretty
maiden in the woodsy cave in which the family lived. One day
Fiona brought home a young Roman soldier who'd be seriously
wounded in a small battle.
His name (if I can recall from our sessions) was Garrett. The
three of them were able to nurse him gradually back to
health. He stayed with them and eventually decided to
"convert" to their form of spiritual belief ("Druidism"). He
became Fiona's partner and just before Fia and Wizard died,
Fiona bore twins, a boy called Affleck (of course), and a girl
called Anna.
This session also ended in a sort of startled fright, that
something terrible had happened, to the twins, to the
children. I ended that session, and went back to that time a
few days later, with a bit of rest and preparation.
A couple of days later, we carefully returned to the traumatic
times that had jolted Fiona/Melinda’s consciousness, to
determine what had ensued. Within a few years of the passing
of myself and Fia, the coastal lands of "Britain" became
dangerous to live near. The Roman army had abandoned Britain,
and the local people were subject to attacks by pirates from
the areas of the Danish and German coasts. Garrett and Fiona
took their children, and encouraged the people living in the
local village to leave too, for safety, and move to the north,
perhaps to Wales.
It wasn't quite safe enough, as there was a pre-dawn raid by
these pirates, and nearly everyone was killed (all the adults
including Fiona and Garrett). The twins were split up. The
little boy Affleck was taken to a camp in a flat green plain
on the eastern side of the island (maybe present day East
Anglia, near York). He grew up there, and one day when he was
in his middle teens he escaped in a tiny boat and made his way
almost directly south across the English Channel, to an area
that today would be near the border between France and
Belgium. I don't believe he ever saw his sister again.
1992 – ANNA
The little girl twin Anna was taken across the Irish Sea to a
small city (present day Dublin?). She grew up as a
housekeeper in the house of some rather well off people. They
treated her pretty badly and didn't feed her well. They had
big parties and she was raped by one of the "guests" one
night. She became pregnant, and deeply depressed, she ran
away to the south. Several days later she was near death and
about to walk into the sea and commit suicide, when an old
fisherman saw her and took her into his small but tidy house.
Anna lived comfortably for several more years there, but died
prematurely of pneumonia (maybe in her thirties). Her
daughter was born in that house, and was named Sara Ann. Sara
Ann had a childhood that was distant from her mother, and
distant from the local people. The distance from her mother
may have been that Anna had never gotten over the bitterness
of what had happened to her, the raid, her parents murder, her
ill treatment by the family in Dublin and her rape and
depression. Anna told Sara Ann to stay away from men, because
they were "all bad".
1993 – SARA ANN
Sara Ann didn't have any friends in the local town, because
she didn't speak the same exact tongue as the locals, and they
knew that she was not the old fisherman's daughter, and that
her mother had born Sara Ann as the result of the rape.
Nevertheless, the old fisherman was very kind and gentle to
the little girl, and he built a small sailboat for her so that
she could learn to sail it around the little cove of the
harbor. Sara Ann loved to just go down and nap in her own
little sailboat all by herself and "daydream", on warm summer
We had difficulty "communicating" with Anna and Sara Ann. I
felt it was because they had both lost touch with the secrets
and the abilities that Fia and Fiona had known. A that time I
wondered if I might be able to "manifest" myself as the
"ghost" of the Wizard, or Sara Ann's great grandfather, in a
trance in this time, and so that Sara Ann could "see me" in
her own time.
One day, as she was laying down in her little sailboat, I did
just that. And her words were, "you look funny, nobody around
here wears clothes like that!" I instructed her about how I
had "gotten there" and told her all about her family
heritage. It was rather tearful, as she had suddenly been
confronted with a long and "noble" family heritage that she'd
never known about, about the reasons that her own mother Anna
had always seemed distant from her, and that a weird little
old man (who'd been dead for at least twenty years) should
appear out of the sky to tell her all about it!
A "visit" to Sara Ann slightly later in her life, she is in
her mid-twenties. The old fisherman and her mother had both
died. She had inherited all the land at the mouth of that
harbor, and the house that she'd lived in all these years.
She'd married a Norwegian sailor and had a daughter. She
named the little girl Fiona, after the grandmother she had
never met. Sara Ann had finally by this time become quite
respected in her community. Her daughter Fiona II (circa 375
to 445), would have lived just about precisely the period we
are told that the monk Patrick would have come to Ireland.
I guess from the descriptions of the bay, and where Anna had
run from, that the location of Sara Ann's property is at the
tip of a strip of land that points out to sea and shelters the
eastern entrance to the harbor of Waterford, Ireland. It is
known as "Crooks Head". Across the other side of the bay is
another similar point, called for centuries "Hooks Head". Or
as the old sailors used to say, "by Hook or by Crook!" Again
Melinda and I described nearly identical "visions" of the
little Irish bay and the spit of land that Sara Ann’s house
had been built on.
Centuries past. Most of them lived in by folks we haven't
talked to yet, or who had lost some of the ability to
"remember". As time and our energies, learning, and
experience continue to grow, our explorations should be able
to fill in most of our past lives and times.
One evening Melinda "regressed" me for a change. What ensued
was a session of over an hour and a half in length! All she
did was to continue describing each subsequent event in all of
these travels. Since we had no estimation of the exact
"dates" that these events may have taken place in history, I
have surmised that the overseas travels of Affleck the Wizard
began in the late third century, maybe about 285 (common era),
when he was perhaps about fourteen years old. All the rest
are trance images I perceived in that state. I gave the
narration in the first person, and the entire meditation took
over an hour and a half.
I left a small home in the forest of southwestern England on
the way toward the tip of the peninsula called Cornwall, and
Lands End, referred to in those days as Penwith. I was
traveling with my "father" in that time who was also called
"the Affleck". We left the coast in a small boat, and sailed
across the English Channel to what today is France, but in
those days people on both sides of the water spoke the same
type of language, Bretagne, which is similar to what we call
Irish Gaelic today.
We next were met in attendance with a large group of people,
just like us, at a place referred to as the "Oak Grove". This
was a hilltop in Western France, which rests underneath where
the Cathedral of Chartres stands today. Prior to about 100 AD
it was a central meeting place for Druids, the high priests,
shamen, or magicians of the Celtic in all the Celtic lands of
England, Ireland, France, and even Gallicia. My "father"
either must have remained there, or returned home to
Cornwall. I never saw him again.
From the "Oak Grove", I journeyed on foot along with a large
group of youths about my age (about 14), but led by a guide
who was about 10 or 15 years older than us. We were
"initiates" who had been selected to go on a great journey of
learning and experience, to culminate (for the few of us who
would complete the entire experience) in becoming fully Adept
or Magus (as in the term Magician). We would then be called
Druids. We possessed the clothes we wore, plus we carried one
clean novices robe, to be put on only for ceremonial purposes.
I next spent at least a year or two, including as I recall
several cold weather months at the place today known as
Montserrat, an ancient monastery on a craggy cliff like
mountain top a few miles Northwest of Barcelona, Spain. Here
we were taught Greek and various secret symbols. It is also
here that I believe I met my Teaching Guide.
We traveled by sea to one of the Greek cities which was then
on the coast of Asia-Minor, or present day Turkey, perhaps
Miletus, which was then Greek speaking and Greek politically
affiliated. There in one of the ancient Greek temple schools,
which were centers of learning before the existence of
"colleges", we leaned philosophy, arithmetic, and geometry.
We traveled east from there overland, perhaps by way some of
the Syrian cities that were teaching centers.
We then spent time in a small desert village near what is
today Basra on the Iraq, Quwait border. It seemed to be
desperately hot, and terribly dry. Hardly anyone lived in
this village at the time I "was there". In ancient times it
was what we know as Sumeria, location of adobe mud cities of
Ur, Halaf, Harappa, etc. from 9,000 to 4,000 years ago. When
I "was there" the ancient monuments were nearly fully decayed,
but a few ancient teachers remained to instruct in the most
ancient science of astrology.
My next impression was of a very pleasant, large, and well
attended monastery or teaching center in the foothills of
where the great mountain ranges of the Pamirs, Hindu Kush, and
Himalayas come together, near the borders of Northeast
Afganistan, Pakistan, and India. The climate was mild and the
terrain and the undergrowth lush and fruitful. Here was
taught: physiology, anatomy, herbal health/healing/and
poisons, and magic. And a few simple techniques for "psychic
assassinations" and for "resurrecting" the recently deceased.
I had the impression that this center was most near the
earliest founded of all that I would attend.
Began a long return voyage home by way of Egypt where passed
through a series of final and secret initiations into the
mysteries. Finally returned home to Cornwall about the year
304 or 305, after nearly twenty years. I was in my
mid-twenties, and was now "the Affleck". My "mother" had also
passed away. When I returned to my "house" I found it was
being lived in by a young woman about 16 or 17 years old, who
of course I would soon get to know as Fia.
In the mid winter of ‘93, Fia had said to me one time in a
meditation, "You need to find an amulet. We will find it
together, in the springtime". That spring in early June '93,
driving in southeastern Pennsylvania, on a state highway, we
past a sign for a town of "Cornwall". Not far beyond we
exited onto a dirt siding, we parked the car and walked down
the wooded trail to a small pond. There was evidence of
pic-nicers or hunters. "Fia" came through, and walked with me
around the trail further away from both the pond and the
highway and deeper into the woods. She stepped slowly, and
looking down, picked up a small hand sized flat stone of
broken shale. It fit into the palm of her hand but more
neatly into mine.
A few minutes later, we were back beside the pond, and sitting
on a pic-nic table which had been place there. The sun was
bright and high in the sky. I looked over at Melinda’s
profile. Not only did her hair suddenly appear lighter, more
blond than its normal reddish hue, but the features of her
profile had changed slightly. Her nose shorter more "pert".
I knew that I was virtually "seeing" the countenance of Fia at
that moment, showing through and beyond Melinda.
Several years ago, when I was living in Maryland, I had been
thinking almost obsessively of getting a Sorcerer's or
Magician's staff for many weeks. In a trance one evening, Fia
had said that I should cut two staffs from the same tree, that
I would see the tree in my path. In a trance one evening, Fia
had said that I should cut two staffs from the same tree, that
I would see the tree in my path.
In January '94 we had a series of snow and ice storms along
with many weeks of sub-freezing weather. Cars were so badly
iced into their driveways that most commuters had to walk to
bus and subway stops. I did so myself, almost on a whim, or a
sudden urge, as I hadn't walked the back trail behind the
houses to the subway station in months. There was not so much
snow or ice that morning as there was cold and frozen ground.
The night before the winds had blown with great speed and
The route to the subway station is along several streets that
parallel Georgia Avenue. At one point the route crosses a
vacant and open field. An old oak tree, had stood in the
center of the field, and had been perhaps well over one
hundred feet tall had been blown over on its side, completely
destroying the tree. The whole tree, trunk to upper branches
lay squarely across the footpath through the center of the
field. In order to traverse the field and continue to the
subway stop, I had to make a wide detour around the ruined
As I did it suddenly occurred to me that this was the event
that Fia had been referring to, that she had "foreseen"
several days earlier! As I walked around the tall branches
now laying on their side, I could readily see several fine
strong branches suitable for making into staffs. And since
the tree had been downed by the storm, I would not be cutting
the wood from a healthy live tree, yet I would be getting
fresh wood that had not been rotted from age.
I saw the tree on a Friday, and returned on Saturday morning
with a hand saw to cut the two branches. I took them home and
cleaned them up; we retain them to this day. By Wednesday of
the following week the tree had been cut up and removed from
the site completely! Had I not cut those two branches on that
Saturday, I would have lost the opportunity to have the two
perfect ones from the perfect oak. My secret Seer had spoken
most prophetically.
In May, 1994, I went on a vacation to Spain. Just west and
north of Barcelona, along the foothills of the Pyrenees, I
rode a cable car up to the hilltop monastery of Montserrat.
Also rumored to have been the abode of the 13th century mystic
monk Raymond Lully. It is a Catholic shrine today. Inside a
large chapel is a statue that the church claims was discovered
there in the 8th century, and it is visited by thousands every
year. When I viewed it, it most certainly did not seem to be
very Christian to me; as it is referred to as one of the Black
Madonas. It appeared to be more like the statue of a
Phoenician, or even an Egyptian princess, or more like an
Isis-Astarte-Ishtar figurine!
When still on the mountain, and just before I descended in the
cable car, I sat down on a bench and meditated for about
fifteen minutes. I knew certainly this was the place I had
spent about two years at, over seventeen hundred years ago.
Melinda and I had laid down together on her bed to do a light
meditation together in the early evening. I had an
impression, of an old magician or alchemist, sitting at a desk
in the fourteenth or fifteenth century, and peering into a
crystal or mirror, in a "scrying" exercise. In this scrying
sphere or mirror he peers two persons laying on a bed
themselves doing meditation work or visualization. They are
bathed in a very low white yellow light which emanates in a
steady non-flickering glow from a bulb on a hallway ceiling
outside the bedroom they are laying in. Suddenly, he sits
back with a shocked jolt, realizing he has peered hundreds of
years into the future, because he has observed an "electric
light" of the today!
Our Lady Fia has taught me a lot about the "powers" available
when a magickal "pair" work together in these realms. That
some of these powers have been known by some magicians and
adepts for all ages. But this great secret of the existence,
relationship, and workings of the human soul have not
generally been imparted to any who could not somehow discover
its power on their own. These are unified and empowered
Tantric energies just as were referred to in the most ancient
Hindu and Buddhist texts. They are described symbolically and
metaphorically by the few surviving Western Gnostic works and
in the mystical Qabbalah. They are understood psychically and
emotionally by the oral traditions of Shamanism and Pagan
We believe that there have been others, even in our modern
times, who may have learned or become aware of these
capabilities. Perhaps Thomas Merton, who as it is believed
had a friend who has kept some of Merton’s private diaries
which are not to be opened until twenty-five years after his
death (1968 + 25 = 1993), and which may reveal the birth of an
illegitimate "daughter" of his. Note: it has been nearly five
years since then, some may still be trying to protect Brother
Tom’s image and privace, mostly image.
One evening early in our explorations, I drifted into a light
state and allowed myself to be the Wizard for a while.
Evidently it must have worked, as the smaller of our two cats,
who had come over to sit in my lap, suddenly bolted from my
lap and sped across the room, hair standing on end!
One evening, we were doing a bit of ritual in a small area of
the living room floor in the apartment.
In front of us we had lit a couple of thick candles, and wed
placed a mirror on the floor behind the candles, so the area
would be lit only by the low diffused light. I gazed into the
mirror at Melinda’s face for many minutes, and in silence.
After a bit, I noticed her general appearance take on a slight
shift, then another. It was almost as if I was seeing a
slightly different face, all women’s faces, every ten or
fifteen seconds.
I realized that I was seeing the appearances of all the
personalities that Fia and Melinda had experienced over the
centuries, one after another! If only I could have spoken to
each one in turn during that moment. That will have to wait
until we get more experienced at this.
Sometime about 1995, we made another trance-time discovery, a
middle-aged fifty-ish shepherd, we believed lived about 1830
or 1840 in the vicinity of a small seaport called Ayr on the
west shore of Scotland, about thirty miles south of Glasgow.
The actual farm was likely on a hillock above the village of
Auchenleck, which in Scots Gaelic would be pronounced
"Off’n’lechk" or "Affleck". I believe he lived near that
village named to this day after an ancient clan who'd
inhabited the area for ages before the British arrived and
began parceling up the property to their own lords and
I perceive that the old shepherd had several offspring. His
children probably wished to leave the farm. The Presbyterian
church was going from house to house and from farm to farm
trying to recruit new members. The old man Affleck was
regarded by the villagers as one who kept to the beliefs of
the "old ways" or the old religion, and didn't seem near ready
to drop his beliefs for the beliefs of a fellow who frowned a
lot, wanted his money, and paid his religious obligations by
sitting in a hard bench in a stuffy building in town once a
week. Life in rural Scotland at that time was hard. Times
were bad and people were getting poorer and poorer. It was
nearly as bad as in Ireland where there was a famine over the
next twenty years where thousands of people starved. Glasgow
had some bad slums by those days, so bad that by 1860 the city
of Glasgow had to initiate some "urban renewal" projects. So
his children wanted more fortunate lives. Also, the children
wanted to get away from their old man, who was regarded by
them and the people in the nearby towns as weird, and who kept
to the beliefs of the "old ways" or the old religion.
A young girl from the nearby village came to live with him,
even though she was much younger than he. She had visited the
old shepherd and finally ran away from her family, because she
did not want to be forced into going to the town church. She
did say that she had learned some about the old ways from both
the shepherd and the old lady who had lived there and then
died and was buried on the hillside. The girl did not want
the old secrets to vanish when the shepherd was gone. And
together they mourned the fewer Tinne-hill fires they saw in
the distance at each quarter of the year. Both this girl and
the shepherd attribute their learning of the old ways to an
old woman who lived at the farm and was buried on the hillside
after shed died. We both envisioned the very same of Scottish
hillside of our 19th century shepherd, and his stone and sod
1995 – CHARLES the BANKER (1978 reprise :: See notes,
double regression)
One of his sons made it down to Southampton, England to try to
become a successful businessman. He became a banker or broker
there and he changed his name to Charles Courtland (see joint
regression, page following). Thus I feel that Charles the
"banker" of the city of Southampton, England was also one of
the sons of the old Scottish shepherd Affleck. I feel that
Charles probably changed his name and somehow tried to hide
his Scots accent, so his peers would not detect his humble
rustic origins. And thus I doubt whether the name Affleck
exists in any registers of the time in Southampton.
One of Charles’ brothers, went by the name Frederick Affleck,
made it to Philadelphia, and then to a small town called
Seneca Falls in the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY. This
New Yorker (if all my guesses could be confirmed) would have
been my great grandfather.
Frederick Affleck did not return to Scotland, but we believe
he died in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State in 1882;
but the specific town or location is not known. A record of
his death exists and is in a Bible. The individual who is in
possession of the Bible today is aware that it contains a
record of the death of Frederick Affleck. My father does not
have a birth certificate for his father, nor does he have any
documentation on his grandfather, other than the last name of
Affleck. In August 1995, we traveled to the village of Seneca
Falls, in upstate New York, where we did indeed find out that
great grandmother Affleck, had lived in Philadelphia (probably
with her first Scottish husband, Affleck) prior to returning
to Seneca Falls. When we were finally able to get up to
Philadelphia in late October, 95, we found city registers for
five different male Affleck’s, living there between about 1870
and 1890! My father does not have a birth certificate for his
father, nor does he have any documentation on his grandfather,
other than the last name of Affleck.
The last things we did with this have not been recent
(which is a shame, kinda). I believe that it has come time
for me to try to get back into some of this. A lot of my
reading, pursuing have been private for a long time. I'll
have to tell you about a terrific teacher- lecturer sometime,
you may have already heard of him as he taught some short
Saturday afternoon seminars at Turning Wheel Books in
Pasadena, Maryland. Paul Hume is the founder of the William
Blake Camp of the Ordo Templi Orientis, the
-Crowlean breakoff of the Golden Dawn. I refer to Paul as the
"Magician from Poolesville", though I don't even know if he
lives in Poolesville anymore. Nevertheless, (and he can
describe the creative moment accross the abyss of Daath better
than anyone I've ever heard), let me finish this little tale
for the moment at least. Hope to some degree, this stuff
might have helped to fill in a bit on 'mystical experiences'.
If it is also, or rather personal sense of awakening rather
than whole tales, I've got a bit of that too, only it's a lot
* * * *
A session with Melinda facilitating. I envisioned a fairly
carefree individual, middle aged for those years. I perceived
that it may have been seventeenth, but seemed more like
eighteenth century. Lived most of the time on the Irish sea
coast in a low wooden house just above the shoreline. Other
times lived on the west coast of Scotland. But rather lived
on board a small but fast sailboat on the Irish Sea. And
there seemed to be a large family about in the house, so many
mouths to feed.
About my occupation I tended to either be elusive about, or
joke about when asked. I thought of myself as a merchant
trader, but most called me a smuggler. Enjoyed a career of
sneaking past British navy vessels on the open sea, but the
distance was so short I traveled, that I could easily do it in
a day. And with the ensuing years, the navy could less afford
to chase a small time freeloader, when they needed to be
marshaling their forces to fight large European wars! Yet, I
seemed to perceive this most dangerous of lifestyles as a sort
of game of life.
There was a young girl, perhaps in her mid-teens, who enjoyed
tagging along with me, and occasionally would make the journey
back and forth across the sea with me and my fellow crew. We
have since determined that she eventually settled on the
Scottish side and lived to a great advanced age on the very
same farm hillside that the 19th century shepherd lived. She
then would have been the one who taught the shepherd and his
young friend the old Celtic pagan secrets!
In December, 1995, Melinda and I visited the home of a friend
of ours who does psychic readings, hypnosis, and PLR's in the
Washington, DC area. We had discussed wishing to do a double
regression with him, and we'd finally had the time to make an
appointment. He performed the hypnotic induction for both of
us at the same time. Then he suggested to Melinda to rest
while he "regressed" me first. He asked several questions
about what I appeared to see, where I appeared to be, my
surroundings. My well positioned character indeed showed up
this time. Exactly as I'd been/witnessed before. This time
there was a great deal of additional clarity in many of the
visualizations, even which had been sort of "foggy" before!
I was able to discern the name on the sign at the road,
leading to SOUTH-HAMPTON, and that a name came to me as what
others called me by CHARLES. I looked down on the ground of
the path in front of me and the item that I saw was a large
coin, a silver crown. One of the last questions that he asked
was if there was anything that I feared in "this life" (as
Charles), I replied "poverty"!
All of the images of the "visits" I’d made in ‘trance-time’ to
the Victorian banker returned. Along with an even clearer
sense of his faux hauteur! One of the last questions that he
asked was if there was anything that I feared in "this life"
(as Charles), I replied "poverty"!
Then he asked me to rest while he regressed Melinda. She
lived with an old lady. She was a young girl, small and thin,
about 17 years old. The thin stature was not from being in
poor health. Rather, she was in pretty good health, and ate
well, many natural foods. But living just outside the edge of
the village, she was quite poor, even for those ancient days.
She identified herself as Fia. And she said that she and the
old woman were slightly feared by the local people in the
village. They were thought to be witches. She had indeed
learned a lot of her healing and secret ways from the old
woman. She liked to wander in the woods and along country
lanes collecting wild herbs and flowers for her healing
substances. She was waiting for someone to return to the
village, a man who had been gone for many years. He was
supposed to be the son of the old woman she lived with. Just
as he'd suggested that I visualize the approach of a person
who was my partner/my "soulmate", he also asked Melinda. He
asked Fia what the name of her "soulmate" was and she replied
"he is called Affleck".