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Current & Upcoming Classes & Presentations

Washington, D.C. Active Imagination Group..
For those interested in developing an active imagination practice, please come to the Washington Society for Jungian Psychology (Washington, D.C.) library on the fourth Sunday of the month (no meeting in December), from 4:30 - 6:30 pm. Each meeting will include a brief quotation on the topic, discussion of AI experiences between meetings, and two AI sessions. Instruction on how to do AI will be provided by appointment 30 to 45 minutes before each meeting. A $5.00 donation per group meeting is requested. . Contact the WSJP directly for location details and for more general details, write

Anais Nin and the Journaling Tradition
Anais Nin's writing exploded into the American mainstream in the mid-1960's when a small sampling of her diaries were published. What caught the attention of her readership was not just her interesting life in Europe, rubbing elbows with the great artists of the 20th century, but her willingness to explore herself through journaling. We will look at her life, her diaries, a brief history of her journaling, and some of the major approaches to this very personal inner work. We will also view a video of interviews with Ms. Nin.
Friday, May 30th - 7:30 to 9:30 PM, Washington, D.C., Washington Society for Jungian Psychology. Fee: $10 for membersp; $15 for nonmembers. Contact the WSJP directly for location details and for more general details, write

The Jungian Cabala 1 - Ends mid-March
Over the centuries, Cabala has been the most frequently adopted map of the psyche every developed. Cabala successfully describes a path of inner development that follows closely the spirit and letter of Jung's work. This course will cover the basics of Cabala and its connection to myth, Tarot, body, soul, and spirit. We will use Kim Zetter's Simple Kabbalah (Conari Press) as supportive text. Meets for 5 Thursdays, 7:30 - 9:30 PM, January 16th - February 13th, Location: Washington Society for Jungian Psychology (Washington, D.C.), Fees: $50 members, $75 nonmembers. To register go to: For more information, e-mail

The Jungian Cabala 2: Experiential Explorations
- Starts March 27th
At its essence, the Cabala is a broadly inclusive journey of self-inquiry. Each of its ten steps provides the challenge of knowing ourselves more deeply and completely, but special skills must be brought to this task. We will explore, from a Jungian perspective, the Cabalistic skills of contemplation, meditation, active imagination, and ritual. Cabala 1, offered last month, is not a prerequisite; all those interested in Cabala may register. Meets for 5 Thursdays, 7:30 - 9:30 PM, March 27 - May 1, Location: Washington Society for Jungian Psychology (Washington, D.C.), Fees: $50 members, $75 nonmembers. To register go to: For more information, e-mail

Dream Tending: A Survey of Approaches - Upcoming, Not Yet Scheduled
A workshop covering Jungian approaches to dreamwork as well as a survey of other points of departure. More details will be posted here soon. For more general details, write

Parabola Discussion Group
Each quarter Parabola magazine publishes an outstanding collection of stories and myths on a particular topic. On the fourth Sunday in January you are welcome to come to the Washington Society for Jungian Psychology for a discussion group on the current issue. Please stop by your local bookstore/newsstand and pickup an issue and read it before coming to the group. The meeting will be at 2 PM until 4PM. More details will be posted here soon. Contact the WSJP directly for location details and for more general details, write

Jungian Active Imagination
This class will focus on the why and how of Active Imagination. Using the works of Carl Jung, Robert Johnson, and Barbara Hannah, we will learn how to move into and around the imaginal world of the unconscious. Special emphasis will be placed on when to use Active Imagination, how to get started, how to deepen the experience, and other issues relevant to walking Jung's "royal road to the unconscious." Not yet scheduled but will held in Spring 2003. To get on a notification list or for more general details, write

Past Courses/Presentations

Walking the Path of Body, Soul, & Spirit - Not Currently Scheduled

In this three part course (registrations for individual parts are welcome) participants are taught specific ways to look for the essence of Body, Soul, and Spirit as they manifest in their own lives. A wide range of procedures---from active imagination to shape shifting---are combined with three central teaching stories, the writings of Jung and Jungians, movies, mythology, and literature to convey the reality of each of these powers. Recently presented at The Washington Society For Jungian Psychology (Washington, D.C.).

Merlin & Arthur: The Self, Embodied - Not Currently Scheduled

The great Arthurian legends provide us with many images of the elusive Self. Parzival's Grail, the unifying love of Lancelot and Guinevere, and, as this lecture will show, the story of Merlin and King Arthur give us a glimpse of the general shape and power of the Self. Merlin, embodies the Self's ability to shape shift, to change the law of the land, to have wisdom of all ages. Arthur shows us the kingly power of the Self to grasp the nature of the various forces of the psyche and to give them a new shape, a shape that gives order and wholeness. This workshop will recount the major adventures of Merlin and Arthur with a special emphasis placed on the role that this legend can have in our lives as we journey along our own path towards the Self.

Recently presented at the Washington Society for Jungian Psychology

Parzival & The Holy Grail - Not Currently Scheduled

Although introduced for the first time in the late 1100s, the Grail legend continues to be a great symbol of spiritual power. Surprisingly, the one of the earliest authors of this great tale thought of the Grail not as a chalice but as a mysterious stone. This stone and its power comes to be liberated by Parzival, the innocent and bumbling young man who becomes the greatest knight of King Arthur's court. This lecture will include a recounting of these early verisons of this grand story.

Recently presented at Pathway Magazine's Salon series and the Washington Society for Jungian Society.

The Way Of The Alchemist - Not Currently Scheduled

After 10 years of struggle with the obscure writings of alchemists, C.G. Jung concluded, "The experiences of the alchemists were my experiences, and their world was my world. This was a momentous discovery---I had stumbled upon a counterpart to my psychology of the unconscious." In this four part class, participants will travel along the archetypal path of transformation brought to us through the work of the Western and Eastern alchemists. Art work, poetry, literature, and film will be utilized to bring this ancient endeavor alive. This course will focus not only on explaining how this esoteric practice came to fascinate Jung, but also on how this art of inner transformation can add spiritual depth and guidance to our own lives.

The Magical World of Carlos Castaneda and Don Juan - Not Currently Scheduled

In the 1960s, graduate student Carlos Castaneda started a wave of interest in shamans with his telling of his experiences with the mysterious don Juan. Don Juan, a Yaqui indian, leds Castaneda on an outer and inner journey that puts him face to face with his understanding of reality. This lecture series will follow Castaneda's path looking at how our spiritual life is created through hard work and a focus on the magical as shown to us by our imagination.

Sophia Speaking: The Life & Work of Marie-Louise von Franz - Not Currently Scheduled

One afternoon, at age 18, Marie-Louise von Franz meets Dr. Carl Jung, and from that meeting she discovers her life's work. A year later, Marie begins her work with Jung, which will continue for nearly 30 years. To pay for her analysis, she becomes a doctor of classical languages so she can translate Greek and Latin classical texts for Dr. Jung. By her late thirties she becomes an analyst and launches on a writing and speaking career. In addition to helping Carl Jung, she is a partner with Emma Jung in writing an insightful book on the Holy Grail.

This workshop will look at the work of this remarkable woman and major contributor to Jungian thought. Special emphasis will be placed on her writings on fairy tales, alchemy, and dreams.

Presented at the Washington Society for Jungian Psychology.

Sophia Speaking: The Life & Work of Barbara Hannah - Not Currently Scheduled

Barbara Hannah was known affectionately and unaffectionately as Jung's "greatest miracle" because he helped her channel her aggressive personality into teaching, writing, and analysis. An instructor at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, she captured the heart and power of active imagination in the first book to be written on this subject. Selections from a video interview with Barbara Hannah will be shown.

Presented at the Washington Society for Jungian Psychology.

Sophia Speaking: The Life & Work of Toni Wolff and Aniela Jaffe - Not Currently Scheduled

Toni Wolff came to Jung as a patient and became an analyst, uncovering the structure of the feminine psyche, and was the "fragrance" of Jung's life (his wife, Emma Jung, he considered the "foundation"). Aniela Jaffe was Jung's personal secretary in his later years, shaped one of the more famous autobiograhies, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, and wrote esssays that looked closely at Jung and at the essence of Jungian analysis. Selections from a video interview of Aniela Jaffe will be shown.

Presented at the Washington Society for Jungian Psychology.

A Year to Live: How to Live This Year as if it Were Your Last - Not Currently Scheduled

Spring is the archetypal time to focus on renewal and new growth. To capture the power of the season, we will turn to the work of Stephen Levine, Carlos Castaneda, and the medieval poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Each of these works ask the tough question: "If we had only a year to live, what would we do, what would we explore, who would we tell, how would we share these last moments?" Workshop participants will be invited to list/journal their responses to a series of questions on their last days and on their renewal.

Presented at the Washington Society for Jungian Psychology.

Sophia Speaking: The Life & Work of Helen M. Luke - Not Currently Scheduled

Helen Luke brought her appreciation of literature to her study and practice of Jungian psychology. Dante, Homer, Shakespeare, and the story of her own life were the departure point for much of her work. Following her muse, she left her family and came to America to develop her practice in California and at Apple Farm Community in Three Rivers, Michigan. Apple Farm lives on as "a center for people seeking to discover the transforming powers of symbols in their lives." Selections of a video interview of Helen Luke will be shown.

Presented at the Washington Society for Jungian Psychology.

Sophia Speaking: The Work of June Singer - Not Currently Scheduled
Gnosticism, androgeny, the art of William Blake, love, and chaos are some of the topics mastered by June Singer, Jungian analyst and prolific writer. This evening's program will address the major points of her work and will include a video clip of a recent interview.

Presented at the Washington Society for Jungian Psychology.

Hermes Speaking: The Work of Hermann Hesse
- Not Currently Scheduled
Friend and analysand of Jung, Nobel Prize winner Hermann Hesse went on to flesh out many of Jung's observations in fiction. Steppenwolf, Sidhartha, Journey to the East, and Demian all provide deeply striking views of depth psychology.

Presented at the Washington Society for Jungian Psychology.